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Elaine Lanoue

Elaine Lanoue

Houston, TX


Elaine Rose Lanoue is a contemporary acrylic semi-representational and abstract painter who works together with her husband Guiteau Lanoue in their studio in Houston, TX. Her love of diverse ethnicities and colorful landscapes of her mind inspire her to paint highly textured and colorful canvasses which she calls “happy” paintings. She gives God all of the glory for her gifts for she believes “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” She hopes her artwork will bring joy and peace to those that view it.

Many of Elaine's artwork have been purchased by well known corporations and placed in permanent collections all over the world. She has been featured in 1984 Notable Women of Texas, 2008-09 Who's Who in America, in the 1990's Who’s Who of American Women and Who’s Who in Interior Design under her previous painting name of Elaine Rose. She will be featured in the 2009 edition of Who's Who in America. She exhibited at the International Art Expo in New York City at Jacob Javits during the years of 1984 through 1992.

Awards include March 2010 Award of Excellence by ESAC Chamber of Commerce, July 2010 Poster artist Naperville Art Festival, April 2010 4 Purchase Awards OKC Festival of Arts, April, 2009 Three Purchase Awards from Oklahoma City Festival of Arts, 2008 Best of Show at Taste of Colorado, 2008 Honorable Mention in Carmel, IN International Art Fest, April 2008 4 Purchase Awards from OKC Festival of Arts, 2 Patron's Choice Awards in February 2007 at Images Art Festival in New Smyrna Beach FL, 2007 4 Purchase Awards at OKC Festival of Arts, 2006 Purchase Awards at OKC Festival of Arts, 2006 Merit award at Carmel International Art Festival, 2006 Merit award Buffalo Grove Invitational Art Festival, 2006 State Street Area Art Festival Poster and T-shirt artwork at Ann Arbor, MI, 2006 Poster artist for Leesburg Festival of Art, 3 Purchase Awards at OKC Festival of Arts, 2005 Art Pin designer for OKC Festival of arts, 8 purchase award for OKC Festival in 2005, Honorable Mention in Oct. 2005 at ESAC Grand Festival by the Bay, 2004 Award of Excellence Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce, 2003 Best of Painting at Tulsa International Mayfest, 2003 Finalist Ribbon at Uptown Metris Art Festival, 2002 Design Award and purchase from Lincoln Arts Council, 2002 First Place in Painting at ESAC in Fairhope, AL and 2001 Flint FOMA Larry McCarthy Award.



Beach Birds by Elaine Lanoue


Gardenscape 1 by Elaine Lanoue


Family Fun by Elaine Lanoue


Happy Days by Elaine Lanoue


Dreamy Jeanne by Elaine Lanoue


Wind Tunnel by Elaine Lanoue


Beach Buddies by Elaine Lanoue


Carmine by Elaine Lanoue


Jane and June by Elaine Lanoue


Hilda by Elaine Lanoue


Funny Face by Elaine Lanoue


Auntie Mame by Elaine Lanoue


Happy Dance by Elaine Lanoue


Natural Redhead by Elaine Lanoue


Strolling thru the Field by Elaine Lanoue


Sisters by Elaine Lanoue


Happy Couple by Elaine Lanoue


Poppy Garden by Elaine Lanoue


Ellie by Elaine Lanoue


Bridgett by Elaine Lanoue


Exotic Woman by Elaine Lanoue


Great Friends by Elaine Lanoue


Joy Unfettered by Elaine Lanoue


Windy Days by Elaine Lanoue


Wendy by Elaine Lanoue


The Dreamer by Elaine Lanoue


The Gatherers by Elaine Lanoue


Samantha by Elaine Lanoue


Jump for Joy by Elaine Lanoue


AngelA by Elaine Lanoue


Gypsy Lady by Elaine Lanoue


Rosie Red by Elaine Lanoue


Pauls Portrait by Elaine Lanoue


Miss Mary by Elaine Lanoue


Sisters by Elaine Lanoue


Wendy by Elaine Lanoue


Lydia by Elaine Lanoue